Tuesday 5 June 2012

Traditional Medicine-Skin Care Products-Initial Treatment-Fertility Issues-Colorado Center

New services!!

New services at the Colorado Center of Traditional Medicine
- low level laser therapy: no needles, used for pain relief/healing, fertility issues, stiff back, and much more! Half hour treatments available (initial treatment is one hour).
- supplement discounts through Emerson Ecologics (you order online and the products are shipped to your door - no need for me to be the middle man)
- Mei Zen skin care products - Golden Radiance pearl cream, Immortelle toner, Mei Zen Revitalizing serum, Neroli eye cream, Juniper cypress oil (for stagnation i.e., fat, cellulite), Angelica fertility oil, and two fantastic masques (Shea rose and sea pearl). All products are natural and contain Chinese herbs.
- Colorpuncture treatments for emotional issues that can stem from prenatal and early childhood times. Those can be released or recognized to give you a better understanding your current patterns
- Axiatonal Alignments - these treatments, based upon Sacred Geometry, release emotional "stuckness" that is in our etheric bodies but that may be causing physical distress.
Email me (DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com) or call (303-947-6224) for more information or to set up an appointment! read more..

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