Friday 27 April 2012

Physiological Changes-Northern New England-A Walk In The Woods-California Redwoods

A Walk in the Woods Boosts Immunity

There’s no doubt that a walk in the woods feels good. Whether it’s the California redwoods, the boreal forests of Minnesota, or the pine forests of northern New England, getting out into nature is beautiful and feeds your soul. Now researchers from Japan are telling us that a walk in the woods is good for your body, too–and not because you’re exercising. Researchers in Japan have conducted a couple of studies that document positive physiological changes among groups of men who were exposed to . . . ? Read More: A Walk in the Woods Boosts Immunity read more..

Traditional Chinese Medicine-Heart Attacks-Blood Flow-Pessimism

More on heart attacks and pessimism: don't block your heart qi and blood!

I'm still reeling from the Harvard review stating that optimists are 50% LESS likely to suffer that first heart attack.  It has really made me think about the negative impact that certain emotions can have on our bodies and I talk w/ my patients about it every day.  Pessimism, worry, sadness - they all stagnate the chest.  You can feel it!  Your chest feels tight, tears or angst or anxiety want to be expressed but aren't.  That feeling is, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the qi and blood stagnation around the heart.  How bad for us!!  That is a feeling that I will try to avoid for the rest of my life because I know how important it is for our hearts to have continuous qi and blood flow.   Think about it: our hearts work continuously.  Our heart never gets a break - never.  That continuous creation of life force requires flow, nourishment, calm ability to function which is negatively impacted by the stagnation that emotions like worry and doubt cause.
ONE OF THE GOALS OF ACUPUNCTURE: to minimize the negative impact of stress, emotions, environmental toxins, etc. on your body.  Call today for an appointment if you need to relax, destress, detox, get well, improve your digestive health, have fertility challenges, pain, or other health or emotional  issues.  303-947-6224.
INSURANCE BILLING: Not all Denver acupuncturists accept insurance. However, I understand the financial importance of allowing patients to pay through their insurer. We work with all insurance carriers that offer acupuncture benefits.  We process all the paperwork and deal with the insurance companies. As a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I want to allow my patients to concentrate on one thing: healing.  
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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Food And Drug Administration-Tobacco Products-Tobacco Industry-Health Claims-Announcement

Smoking Cessation And Acupuncture

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released an announcement and draft guidance which will protect consumers from future false and misleading health claims by the tobacco industry about its tobacco products. As a primary or complementary therapy, acupuncture is … Continue reading ? read more..

Monday 23 April 2012

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms-Acupuncture-Itchy Eyes-Daffodils

Ahhhh-choo! Acupuncture and Seasonal Allergies

Ahhh…daffodils, robins and budding trees. It’s spring! We must rejoice…right? Well, most of us will happily greet this warming up and greening of our surroundings, however for the 35 million Americans that suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and dry or itchy eyes, the welcome is far more reluctant. And, this year, [...] read more..

Conventional Medication-Depression And Anxiety-Chronic Rhinosinusitis-Chronic Sinusitis

Acupuncture Can Reduce Prevalence Of Overweight

There has not been significant change in the prevalence of overweight in the U.S., with data from 2009-2010 indicating that about one in three adults and one in six children and teens are obese; however, there have been increases in … Continue reading ? read more..

Acupuncture for Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic rhinosinusitis is a chronic infection of the sinuses that causes nasal congestion, sinus pain, and headaches. Chronic rhinosinusitis, commonly called chronic sinusitis, affects your energy, sleep, and work. Some research suggest that chronic sinusitis can even lead to depression and anxiety. Conventional medication often is not completely successful in treating the symptoms. Many patients [...] read more..

Causes Of Migraines-Electrical Activity-Informative Piece

The Causes of Migraine Headaches

This morning on NPR there was a very informative piece about the causes of migraines and why women suffer more from migraines than men. The story explains the that one reason migraines occur is because of bursts of electrical activity in specific areas of the brain.   Often they begin in  the visual center, which [...] read more..

American Massage Therapy Association

Massage For Health And Wellness

Who gets massage? An average of 25 percent of women and 10 percent of men receive at least one massage annually—approximately 18 percent of adults, according to the American Massage Therapy Association. Spas are where many people receive massage. Is … Continue reading ? read more..

Thursday 19 April 2012

First Heart Attack-Heart Health

Need more defense against the effects of stress?: Heart health and optimism

A Harvard U review of the literature found the most optimistic people had half the risk of a first heart attack when compared to the least optimistic. A 50% reduction in risk!!! read more..

Thursday 12 April 2012

The Healing Process

Feeling Better

The power of the body to heal and change is remarkable.  It is important to understand that the healing process is not linear.   Some days are better than others.  This is true not only for acupuncture, but for most changes in our lives. Change happens slowly.  People don’t wake up one day and everything is [...] read more..

Seasonal Allergies-Allergy Season-Severity-Weather

Acupuncture Can Reduce The Severity Of Allergy Season

While many people rejoice when the weather gets warmer, it’s not always a pleasant time for everyone. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies know to expect difficulties around this time of year, but the severity of allergy season can vary. … Continue reading ? read more..

Acupuncture And Moxibustion-Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

The Meaning of Zhen Jiu ( ??) Acupuncture is not just acupuncture.  In fact, the word for acupuncture in Chinese, Zhen Jiu, actually  translates to “acupuncture and moxibustion”  which shows how central moxibustion is within acupuncture. Moxibustion is the warming of acupuncture points or needles.  Most often, this is done through burning an herb called [...] read more..

Thursday 5 April 2012

Acupuncture Point

Electro-Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture is a constantly evolving art.  Electro-acupunctrue was only developed within the last 100 years. Electro-acupuncture is used to augment the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory aspects of acupuncture Electro-acupuncture is very similar to regular acupuncture.  That is the acupuncture point selection is generally the same and the treatment time is also similar.  Electro-acupuncture provides additional [...] read more..

Lower Back Pain-Arthritis Pain-Chronic Pain-Neck Pain

A Pain in the Neck? Why Acupuncture and TCM Could be the Answer…

The vast majority of patients that come to see me are coming in for one reason – chronic pain. Chronic pain is an increasingly common ailment or condition and most often patients are suffering from lower back pain, general joint or arthritis pain or neck pain. It’s estimated that 26% of Americans suffer from chronic [...] read more..

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Restorative Effects-Brain Function-Exact Reason-Sleep-Food

Sweet Dreams

Sleep is essential to your survival as a human being.  In fact, it’s likely that you can survive longer without food than you can without sleep.   The exact reason you need to sleep eludes scientists, but they do know that sleep is restorative.  It supports brain function, conserves your energy, and is rejuvenating in general.  You can feel its restorative effects after you’ve had a really good night’s sleep–and the lack of those effects after a couple of nights of tossing and turning without adequate . . . ? read more..

Sunday 1 April 2012

Acupuncture Treatments-Back Pain

The Chinese Medicine rocks! blog: why do I need more than one treatment?

Why do I need a number of acupuncture treatments when I only need to see my MD once?
Ahhhh .... the ever frequent question about why you need more than one acupuncture treatment in order for your chronic symptoms to go away ..... i.e., be miraculously cured. My pet peeve: when people get one acupuncture treatment after suffering through 10 years of back pain and then say it didn't work. Healing takes time. Even a small cut takes time to heal and sometimes healing takes effort (i.e., more than one treatment, change in lifestyle, etc.).
So here's the deal. You see your MD once and come home with Vicodin for your pain, birth control pills to control your PMS, diuretic for your high blood pressure, Protonix for your acid reflux or GERD, Imitrex for your migraines, etc. etc. You need a pill box. If you really think about it, theoretically you are seeing your MD every day - in fact sometimes more than once a day since you need to take your pain meds more than once a day. Further, some of these pharmaceuticals are only masking the cause of your pain or other symptoms while the promise of Chinese Medicine is to find the cause and treat it; treat the root.*
Take my own back pain as a case study. I've had years of back pain probably mostly sports induced (structural damage). I was at the point of seeing surgeons for opinions, being offered all manner of prescriptions, etc. etc. .... the story of many people who have back pain. But I KNOW that the body can change despite what some diagnostic tests show - I see it in my patients every day.
I wanted to change my situation. Bone on bone. You might rightfully ask, how can any treatment besides surgery and pain meds deal with that? Well, acupuncture, structural yoga therapy, and deep tissue massage seem to have me on the very right path! WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS PATH? - I want to be healthy and active not drugged with the condition that is causing the pain continuing to get worse. I am now faithful in receiving regular acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal formulae. I see a dynamite structural yoga therapist and do the postures that she teaches me and receive MT. I am considering canceling my next MD/spine specialist appointment because the AM crookedness, stiffness, and pain are minimal now and I am back to being able to do my AM workouts which I couldn't do 4 months ago. Yay!!
Your body CAN change; it's a matter of whether you are willing to find the proper cache of treatments/practitioners and then DO the work! Do I get discouraged sometimes, wish I didn't ever have to do any work to be pain free or not stiff? I do. But when I look at the alternatives, I'm super happy that I have found therapies that work.
*Naturally there are some conditions that can't be "cured" by dealing with the cause when they are too far gone. But, quality of life, for example pain reduction, chemo induced nausea relief, etc. etc., can be much much better. read more..