Wednesday 27 June 2012

Brain Repair-Acupuncture

Acupuncture causes brain repair after stroke: it's powerful stuff!

Fascinating article about acupuncture's effect on the brain ... which means that it also treats hormonal issues, anxiety, depression, and other "brain" related issues.
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Sunday 17 June 2012

Acupuncture Treatment-Acupressure Routine-Digestive System-Constipation

Acupressure for constipation

Constipation is an issue that I often treat in my NYC acupuncture clinic. I always teach my patients this simple two-step acupressure routine for relieving constipation to supplement the acupuncture treatment. Rub belly in clockwise circle Rubbing your abdomen will help wake up your digestive system.  Place your whole palm on the abdomen and apply [...] read more..

Friday 15 June 2012


Acupuncture for Weight Loss

It’s something we all must manage on a daily basis. It affects every aspect of our health from how well we sleep at night to how strong our heart is… It’s our weight. Today, more than one out of every three U.S. adults are obese and this number is rising every year. Obesity-related conditions are [...] read more..

Ten Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

Ten Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

Here in Minnesota, there are two types of people. Those who love winter, and those who think it basically sucks. I’m one of the latter, but working hard to make my peace with the cold, dark days of January. I have new snowshoes to get me outside to play, really warm and fuzzy long underwear, every color of fleece imaginable, and some great looking boots. All of these things help, but I will never be a winter-lover. Whether you love winter or not, it’s . . . ? Read More: Ten Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter read more..

Thursday 14 June 2012

Natural Medicine-Procedures-Fertility

More evidence that Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine helps those with fertility challenges

I keep reading study results like this one and don't understand why more couples don't consider a natural medicine either before they start on hormonal and physical procedures or in conjunction with them. All hormonal and physical procedures cause more qi and blood stagnation so why not combat that using acupuncture?! Additionally, research has demonstrated that women who undergo hormonal procedures are at a higher risk for certain gynecological cancers. I've said this for years: our hormonal systems are BASIC to our existence, they don't tolerate hormonal intervention very well. read more..

Thursday 7 June 2012

Cancer Patients-Extreme Fatigue-Practitioners-Kidney Qi-Ginseng

Chinese herbal research: ginseng and fatigue

Ginseng has been used by us practitioners for centuries to boost core qi, Kidney qi, original qi thereby regenerating our good health.  This study is about how ginseng relieved extreme fatigue in cancer patients.
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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Acupuncture Treatment-Menopausal Symptoms-Hot Flashes

Hot flashes and other peri-menopause symptoms? Acupuncture works!

A 2011 study in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine tested 53 post-menopausal women who reported having menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes. Half the women were given acupuncture treatment that lasted 20 minutes twice a week for 10 weeks. The needles were inserted, then left in place without any further manual or electrical stimulation.
By the end of the 10-week treatment, the group of women who received acupuncture reported having significantly fewer hot flashes as well as hot flashes that were less severe when they did get them. No significant differences were found in hormonal levels between the two groups. Typcially, it is believed that hormonal changes cause the hot flashes, so this is somewhat surprising, and the authors suggest that the hormonal fluctuations were not considered to be the reason for the improvement in menopausal symptoms.
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Endless Job Interviews-Seasonal Allergies-Congratulations-Student Loans-Excitement

You’re Graduating? Congratulations! (You Must be Stressed)

A cap-and-gown and pomp-and-circumstance can bring great excitement and usher in a new, change-filled and amazing phase in a graduate’s life. It can also bring endless job interviews, the reality of student loans and a move into either an apartment with a monthly rental bill or your parent’s basement. In short, it can mean STRESS. [...] read more..

Allergies and Depression

I developed seasonal allergies in my 20’s.  For years I did not notice my allergies so much as I noticed I was moody when the flower bloomed.  I didn’t understand if everything is so beautiful why was I feeling so blue. Eventually I realized my headaches, stuffy nose, and moodiness was allergies. Scientists have reported [...] read more..

Acupuncture School-Morning Sickness-Teaching Clinic

Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?

I remember the first pregnant woman I treated with acupuncture. I was in acupuncture school at the time, and putting in my hours in the teaching clinic. A classmate of mine had become pregnant and had a wicked case of morning sickness. Most of the time she was a rock; she was young, strong, smart, and the person you wanted to work with in class. However, her morning sickness had become all-day sickness, and had turned her into a whimpering mess. With regular acupuncture . . . ? Read More: Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy? read more..

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Traditional Medicine-Skin Care Products-Initial Treatment-Fertility Issues-Colorado Center

New services!!

New services at the Colorado Center of Traditional Medicine
- low level laser therapy: no needles, used for pain relief/healing, fertility issues, stiff back, and much more! Half hour treatments available (initial treatment is one hour).
- supplement discounts through Emerson Ecologics (you order online and the products are shipped to your door - no need for me to be the middle man)
- Mei Zen skin care products - Golden Radiance pearl cream, Immortelle toner, Mei Zen Revitalizing serum, Neroli eye cream, Juniper cypress oil (for stagnation i.e., fat, cellulite), Angelica fertility oil, and two fantastic masques (Shea rose and sea pearl). All products are natural and contain Chinese herbs.
- Colorpuncture treatments for emotional issues that can stem from prenatal and early childhood times. Those can be released or recognized to give you a better understanding your current patterns
- Axiatonal Alignments - these treatments, based upon Sacred Geometry, release emotional "stuckness" that is in our etheric bodies but that may be causing physical distress.
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Miserable Condition-Mild Dizziness-Unsteadiness-Acupuncture-Vertigo

Acupuncture for Dizziness

Dizziness can make your life a living hell. If you suffer from dizziness or vertigo, you’re no stranger to the feeling of the world whirling around you, unsteadiness, and even nausea associated with this miserable condition. Several years ago while traveling through Europe, my husband had a bout of vertigo with nausea that literally left him crawling from the bed to the bathroom on his hands and knees for the better part of a week. The symptoms of mild dizziness can include feeling lightheaded, . . . ? Read More: Acupuncture for Dizziness read more..

Monday 4 June 2012

Grandmothering and the bittersweetness of life

Grandmothering and the bittersweetness of life

Yesterday my oldest grandchild graduated from preschool.  I was crying a little as soon as they started to play the Grand March (so cute for those who are so little).  That was good though so that my camera eyes were ready when Jonathan began his march.  I cry a lot around the grandchildren issues but I think that my crying personifies the definition of bittersweet = arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain.  So tears are cried out of happiness and pride about the little one's advances but there is also that sense that time is moving on, the grands are moving on, things are going to change.  Ahhh, there's the rub: change.  They change who and what they know, make new friends and join activities that take their time.  They move to new schools so there's the possibility of seeing them less frequently.  Their "free time" for spending times w/ the g-parents seems like a smaller window of opportunity.  So I cry.  We finish a vacation where we've taken one of them (soon to be more), and I cry.  They are here playing in the yard pretending to mow the lawn, rake, and shovel, and I'm maudlin when they leave.  That's right: self-pity takes over. Why does change, growth sometimes engender that self-pitying feeling?  I can grow too; my life will change with theirs.  But, my life is changing toward the end, and while so is theirs, they have so much more left!  Every graduation that they each make is a "graduation" for me toward being older and my life changing.
Thank God I am healthy and active and plan to continue to be so.  For example, our oldest grandson is interested in rock climbing so I bought myself new climbing shoes yesterday.  Haven't climbed in at least 15 years but I feel a revitalization, a renewal.  That is how I prefer to look at the passing of time with my grands - they are allowing me to learn new things, practice new skills (like how to use all the new fangled technology out there), and relive experiences that I treasure and now show them (skiing, camping, mt biking, general exploration of the world!)  So I get a redo in many ways.
I guess that growth is tough and certainly change creates angst in many unless you are firmly entrenched in that idea that change is good; nothing good happens in a vacuum.  I remind myself that 2012 especially is about change: the year of the Yang Water Dragon.  Part of the power of this year is having the ability to flow with change - one can miss opportunities if you are unwilling to change.  Will, determination, ability to flow will all lead to abundance.  All these grandkids = abundance!!! read more..

Painful Condition-Acupuncturist-Acupuncture-Arthritis-Sciatica

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

As an acupuncturist, I regularly see people in pain; people with arthritis, blown out backs, sprained ankles, sciatica, headaches, and those recovering from surgery.  If you’ve ever suffered from a painful condition, you know that your particular pain is unique.  It can be dull and achy, sharp and stabbing, throbbing, burning, or it can feel electric.  The pain may come and go or be ever-present. It may wake you at night or change with the weather. What causes pain?  There are actually a number . . . ? Read More: Acupuncture for Pain Relief read more..