Monday 30 July 2012

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Acupuncture for Chemo Side Effects

In my practice I have treated a number of people who are undergoing oncological treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation are powerful tools in the treatment of cancer. In the clinic I help patients deal with a number of the issues related to side effects from these treatments. Using dietary therapy, qigong exercises and treatments, acupuncture, moxibustion therapy and sometimes herbal therapy as well (when the western doctors will agree to it), there is a lot that the Chinese medical practitioner can do to help ease the side effects for the patient.I have also come to understand that the emotional strain of undergoing oncological treatment can be quite high and so I also help support the nervous system and a patient's will to continue forward.
I recently found a wonderful short video about the use of acupuncture for chemotherapy patients with neuropathy in the hands and feet. I'm posting it here so that my readers can get a further sense of what Chinese and East Asian medicine can offer the cancer patient.
I hope you find it useful. read more..


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