Monday 30 July 2012

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NY Times Features Article on Chinese Herb Qinghao, Basis of Malaria Medication

Although many western medical practitioners are not familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, with time EAM is beginning to make inroads to the western consciousness. Western researchers are beginning to understand that the traditional medicines of the world may hold valuable insights into treating diseases, especially with herbs. In recent years much attention has been paid to a number of herbs and foods of Asia that are used in the treatment of cancer. Turmeric being one that has garnered much attention. In a recent NY Times article on Qinghao, the herb credited with providing the source of anti-malarial medication, they paid great tribute to the research and development by Chinese scientists who went back to their traditional medicine doctors to find an herb, Qinghao, (Artemisia Annuae, Sweet Wormwood), that contains chemicals that revolutionized pharmaceutical care in treatment of malaria, worldwide.Please follow the link here to read this fascinating NY Times article. read more..

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