Sunday 5 August 2012

Active Ingredients-Detectable Levels-Chickens-Tylenol-Arsenic

Are You Eating Chickens Raised on Arsenic, Prozac, Tylenol, Cipro and Benadryl?

In a recent NY Times article it was revealed that chickens tested in the U.S. contain detectable levels of arsenic, and the active ingredients found in Tylenol, Bendadryl, and Prozac. In addition, a class of antibiotics that includes the brand name "Cipro", called quinolones were found in chickens. These antibiotics are supposedly banned in poultry production.
If you are alarmed, you should be.
It seems that profit driven agri-business may not be telling the consumer what is in the foods that we consume.
The NY Times article went on to discuss how independent studies conducted on ground chicken feathers prove the presence of the substances since feathers will accumulate concentrations of chemicals in the food that chickens are fed.
Chickens are being purposely fed these substances to raise profit margins. Arsenic is used in low levels in the chicken food to lower infection rates and to cause the meat to take on a pink color which is considered more desirable by consumers. The Times article notes that chickens are fed caffeine to help them stay awake longer in order to eat more so that they will grow faster. They are fed the active ingredients of Prozac and Tylenol to keep them from being anxious which can affect the quality and size of the bird. Its ironic that they are being fed both stimulants and sedatives.All of this leads to increased profits for the producers.
What else are they not telling us?
Within one generation, sperm counts have begun to fall globally. Sometimes by as much as 50% in some populations. Nobody has yet determined the cause of this, but it is postulated that the increasing toxicity of food, water and the environment may be a contributing if not principal factor.
Cancer rates continue to increase.
I think this is a wake-up call. Until there is accountability for the products that we are consuming- it doesn't make sense to assume that the corporate foods that we are being fed are healthy.
I encourage you to eat lower on the food chain. Eat as many whole foods as possible and avoid processed foods. Consume less animal proteins. It is better for the environment, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and will ensure that you are eating healthier. Animal fats can have concentrations of toxic chemicals.Eat organic, local produce. Buy your food as close to the source of its growth as possible.Support local organic farmers.You can join local food cooperatives, go to farmer's markets and join community sponsoredagriculture groups which sell shares in a local organic farmer's harvest. read more..

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