Sunday 5 August 2012

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Roasted Corn Tea for Summer

Well, the hot, humid weather has returned here in NYC prompting me to come back and check my previous posting on "roasted barley tea". There were a few comments and questions regarding options for teas that do not contain gluten. So, I want to share some more thoughts on the roasted teas.
To Lady EZ: I'm so glad that you are having some benefits with the symptomology of your rheumatoid arthritis from eating macrobiotically. One thing to monitor is if you get too internally cold from the diet. It has a lot of energetically cooling foods (very good if you have an inflammatory condition. But you also want to monitor that you don't weaken your foundational yang/warming energy of the body that gives functional strength to the organs). Its best to do the macrobiotic diet with a practitioner trained in this dietary therapy. Each person has a unique constitution so there is not one diet that is good for everyone. Keep attuned to your body and I'm sure you'll find the path forward.I want to repeat, if you suspect you have any gluten intolerance (which can contribute to inflammatory conditions) do not eat Barley.
For those who wish to branch out and try another roasted Asian tea I want to suggest"Korean Roasted Corn Tea" also known as "Oksusu Cha". For my readers who were asking for gluten-free roasted teas. Here is a terrific option!
This is a large kernel corn grown in Southern Korea and it is traditionally roasted then brewed in hot water to make a lovely, mildly sweet tea. It is traditionally used to support kidney health, help lower blood pressure and help with diabetes. Its mild sweet flavor is one of the five phase therapeutic flavors that strengthens the Spleen (considered the chief organ of digestion).Corn tea will help with stomach bloating and pain from indigestion and is also helpful in relieving fatigue and malaise. This is because its tonification benefits to the Qi of the Spleen help with digestion, with fluid metabolism and with the Spleen's role in building Qi and Blood which fuel and nourish the body.This tea, like "Roasted Barley Tea", is good for hot and damp weather. It will help the body metabolize fluids in the heavy, damp and turbid weather of summer that can cause so many issues around digestion (soft stools, cramping, bloating), swelling of joints, headaches, and malaise.Sometimes people mix the "Roasted Corn Tea" with the "Roasted Barley Tea". The sweetness of the corn tea will offset the bitterness of the roasted Barley.
If you go to Korean food stores you will often find the Roasted Corn tea in bags. It is simply the roasted corn.Here is an easy recipe for the tea:
1/4 cup of roasted corn5 cups boiling water
Bring water to a boil in a pot and add the roasted corn. Turn the heat down to a simmer and let the corn steep in the water for 15 minutes or until a nice light golden brown color.Strain the tea to remove corn.You can drink this tea hot or cold. Its absolutely refreshing as a chilled drink in summertime! read more..

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