Friday 11 May 2012

Traditional Chinese Medicine-Bone Health-Acupuncture

Women's bone health, lack of effectiveness of phosphonates (ie., Fosamax), and how Chinese Medicine works!

The FDA has published an analysis  of the popular bone-building drugs suggesting caution about long term use because the drugs lead to weaker bones in some cases.  This is not the first time I've heard this.  I've had patients over the years who wonder why, after taking their calcium and prescription drug for 5 years their bones are still weak.  So I wasn't surprised by the FDA's concern.  Plus, many women don't know how to take calcium so that it gets used most efficiently by the body ..... or used at all!  Look to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for bone health.  In fact, I recently gave one of my patients who suffers from back pain some of my personal "back pain, inflammation, bone building" formula and she told me that she didn't need her estrogen patch for her hot flashes any more.  True!!  The herbs in the formula work on the cause of back pain - our weakened central, bone building qi.  That's how TCM works - we treat the cause not the symptom.
And in fact, I was taking the same bone building herbs prior to my last visit to a back surgeon who didn't say "bone on bone" for my lumbars after I'd been told that by everyone who had looked at xrays or MRIs.  So I'm happy - structural yoga therapy (w/ R Ziegler who rocks!) but I also DO the work, MT and rolfing with A Rach (great!), and regular acupuncture have worked.  Yes, REGULAR acupuncture, not just when I'm in pain or crooked and stiff.
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