Monday 7 May 2012

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Chinese herbs infused into the products in the Mei Zen skin care line

Our artisan, hand crafted Mei Zen skin care line is expanding soon! Currently our products include our Japonica toner for cleansing and invigorating your skin. Our Mei Zen Revitalizing serum and Golden Radiance pearl cream are both super good for you skin; I use the pearl for my day treatment (it makes my skin radiant) and the serum at night. Everyone should be putting pearl on their face; it's loaded with minerals that improve the tone of your skin. Our Neroli Peptide eye cream is an essential part of a skin care regimen along with the Sea Pearl Masque and Frankincense Bamboo scrub. Masques are fun!!! and they make your skin feel like a baby's butt after you take it off. For those of you who may try to lose a few pounds in 2012, we have our Juniper Cypress oil to rub on fatty areas. It is also useful to get your digestive qi and lymph moving - both very important parts of weight loss.All of our products contain active ingredients that make your skin better. They are not just for moisturizing; they are for regenerating a youthful skin! And don't forget .... ALWAYS treat your neck and upper chest area too, not just your face! Start the year of the Dragon right! Get your orders in now for our January 3rd shipping date by calling 303-349-2932 or emailing to order. read more..

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