Tuesday 8 May 2012

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Healthy Hope: Never give up video + personal success story

This is a sweet video about someone who was told that he would never walk again but who DID the work and now walks!
In less of a way but still very dramatic for me, I've been told never to run again (and I still play soccer), that my back crookedness was basically incurable because of bone on bone lumbar spine - think about disc replacement or low back fusion.  I couldn't turn right in the mornings because my back was so stiff and muscles so tight - and, naturally, I was in pain.  I was starting to feel fairly depressed .. asking myself "is this it?".  It's going to be too hard to hold my grandchildren, I'll never be able to pick them up, no more extreme mt biking, soccer, hiking w/ a backpack, etc. etc.?!  I didn't like the prospect of back surgery - though have to admit, I was willing to do it if I could get function back and have less pain - I wanted to live my life!  Didn't like the prospect of taking Vicodin - how would my body look in 20 years of being wracked by pain killers?  (not to mention that they don't address the problem and since I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine I like to go to the cause.  So, I got faithful about receiving acupuncture treatments and taking anti-inflammatory and bone building Chinese herbal prescriptions, I see a fantastic structural integration MT (and have been rolfed), and I started to see a structural yoga therapist and DO the work.  Oh my gosh, you cannot believe the difference in my life!  No pain meds, play soccer, back to mt biking without (much) fear, play w/ the grands all I want.  My morning pain and stiffness (that "they" said is arthritis and just get used to it) is somedays non-existent.  Now, is this utopia?  No. I'm aging, having to  accept certain things about the aging but what a difference I have in my life now and I will never give up; aging back or not!
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