Wednesday 9 May 2012

Traditional Chinese Medicine-Insurance Verification-Herbs For Weight Loss-Health Conditions

Worried about your weight - women especially your middle abdominal weight - call me!

Obesity continues to rise in our country and, especially for women of peri and post menopausal age, it's scary.  Too much weight increases our chances of a number of health conditions including having that first heart attack.  In my practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I specialize in improving digestion (your first step toward losing weight believe it or not), in using acupuncture and herbs for weight loss which may include herbs that make the digestive system work better but also those (in liniment form) that help detox fat cells.  As I am a woman in that "middle age spread" age group, I know the importance of removing the especially "bad" visceral fat that accumulates in some people's middles - again, the more dangerous fat for leading to conditions like heart disease and stroke.
INSURANCE: Your insurance may cover treatment; let's find out by having you fill out an insurance verification form.  If your treatment here is not covered by insurance, well, then it's time to figure out how important your future health is, how important it is to you to feel young and vibrant.  We can't put a price on good health. Call me at 303-947-6224 or email me at  I can email you an insurance verification form to see what your health insurance will cover (or not).  Our office works with all insurance carriers and know that there are United, Cigna, BCBS, and other companies who have SOME plans (not all) that do cover acupuncture and some are quite good especially if you work for certain companies.
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