Wednesday 14 March 2012


Your insurance pays for acupuncture if you work for the Fed and ....

.. you have BCBS Group #105 (and I think Group 106 as well). That's right - they cover between 22 and 26 visits per year! Think about it. You could resolve any symptoms that you are having AND do what Chinese Medicine has been doing for centuries - prevent illness! Maintain good health! I have to say that this is one of the best acupuncture coverage plans I have found.
So, check your plan - it may even be worth your upgrading since your premium increase may still not be as much as receiving acupuncture every other week would cost. That's natural, powerful health care every other week - feeling fantastic and warding off illness all year. Can't ask for more than that.
If your insurance is through another carrier I can check your coverage for you. Call 303-947-6224 or email You may subscribe to this blog at read more..

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