Wednesday, 21 March 2012

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The Art of Chinese Medicine

A conversation with a (western) medical student spurred my thoughts about just what Chinese medicine is about, especially on the topic of herbs. read more..

Defining Placebo: the Saint Jude Thaddeus of Medical Terminology

After reading an article by one Andy Ho, I am appalled at how many people don't understand placebo effect. read more..

Eleven Things My Patients Have Taught Me

Every single patient I see in my acupuncture clinic is unique. They have their personal lifestyle, specific struggles, and each has very different needs. The one thing that never changes from patient to patient is that I learn something from each and every one. Most of the time I learn little bits and pieces about being a better acupuncturist, but every once in a while, I am dealt a major life lesson. Mostly what I learn is about the practice of acupuncture and Chinese . . . ? Read More: Eleven Things My Patients Have Taught Me read more..

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