Thursday 15 March 2012

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The magic pill medicine

The magic pill medicine to which we have all become accustomed started w/ the emergence of infectious diseases. Then, because it seemed like such a miracle that we could be "cured" w/ a pill, everyone wanted a magic pill for everything. Hence the development of diet pills, pain pills, birth control pills, etc. etc.
Chinese Medicine's magic pill is prevention - MAINTAINING GOOD HEALTH. Can I make your symptoms go away? Almost certainly. But then, it is so important to maintain your good health state. Why only deal w/ symptoms all the time? Why wait until you are sick or in excruciating or constant pain (physical OR emotional) to pay attention to your body? Does that even sound as though it makes sense to you?
No, it doesn't. And, that type of healthcare is a huge strain on the body. It takes your body a lot more energy/qi to recover than it does to maintain. It's true; think about it.
Example case study: Patient in his 60s with kidney disease from childhood. Had done all he can w/ allopathic medicine, surgery recommended, taking prednisone 10 days a month etc. Basically there was nothing else he could and, frankly, taking that much prednisone each month didn't agree with him. He started to come for acupuncture and hasn't had to take prednisone for 5 years!!!! His commitment is to acupuncture every week and look how dramatically his life has changed. He is HEALTHY; he's NOT JUST TREATING SYMPTOM with any "magic pill" he can find.
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